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Region 8: Lost Lands

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8-1: Lost Crossroads

Reward: Zombies Guard (Good)

8-2: Cold Moon Garrison

Reward: Hunting Dog (Good)

8-3: Slumbering Cemetery

Reward: Hound (Rare)

8-4: Abandoned Tower

Reward: Chilling Ghost (Rare)

8-5: Roadside Bone Pile

Reward: Fiery Hound (Rare)

8-6: Dead Tree Woods

Reward: Zombies Champion (Epic)

8-7: Glittering Path

Reward: Vampire Noble (Rare)

8-8: Old Castle Outpost

Reward: Vampire Mage (Rare)

8-9: Ancient Vampire Castle

Reward: Zombie Legionnaire (Rare)

8-10: Skeletal Throne

Reward: Dread Phantom (Epic)