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Region 7: Hazy Marches

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7-1: Stained Marches

Reward: Pegasus Legionnaire (Rare)

7-2: Scrubby Swamps

Reward: Senior Thunder Lizard (Rare)

7-3: Dense Log Forest

Reward: Bloodthirsty Bat (Rare)

7-4: Forest Tree Houses

Reward: Septic Bat (Rare)

7-5: Faint Southern Path

Reward: Hell Hound (Good)

7-6: Faint Northern Path

Reward: Fiery Cerberus (Rare)

7-7: Eastern Mud Flats

Reward: Ghost (Good)

7-8: Western Mud Flats

Reward: Wraith (Good)

7-9: Western Graveyard

Reward: Dread Wraith (Rare)

7-10: Bone Ridge Mountain

Reward: Vampire Archmage (Epic)