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Region 6: Canyon Gorges

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6-1: Mountain Road Fortress

Reward: Centaur Marksman (Rare)

6-2: Caverns of Blood

Reward: Feles Assassin (Rare)

6-3: Crusaders Folly

Reward: Thunder Lizard (Good)

6-4: Ogre Campsite

Reward: Lizard (Good)

6-5: Rough Valley Road

Reward: Tengu Assassin (Good)

6-6: Headwind Valley Road

Reward: Armoured Lizard (Rare)

6-7: Straight Ravine Road

Reward: Tengu Warrior (Rare)

6-8: Abatis Blockade

Reward: Feles Scout (Rare)

6-9: Ravine Mouth

Reward: Tengu Bloodseeker (Epic)