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Region 11:Wyrmrest Temple

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11-1: Elven Outpost

Reward: Elven Guard (Rare)

11-2: The Waste Road

Reward: High Priestess (Rare)

11-3: The Mystlands

Reward: Repeating Crossbow Captain (Epic)

11-4: Dragon's Wing Pass

Reward: Heavy Crossbowman (Rare)

11-5: The Heart Tree

Reward: Elven Thunder Apprentice (Rare)

11-6: Spine Ridge

Reward: Elven Legionnaire (Epic)

11-7: Verathel's End

Reward: Priestess (Rare)

11-8: The Desolation

Reward: Elven Frost Archmage (Rare)

11-9: City Border

Reward: Battle Abbess (Epic)

11-10: The Ruined City

Reward: Elven Thunder Mage (Epic)

11-11: The Lonely Tower

Reward: Elven Rebel (Epic)

11-12: Temple of Flame

Reward: Crossbow Captain (Legendary)