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Region 10: Forbidden Zone

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10-1: Abandoned Scout Tower

Reward: Goblin Poison Archer (Epic)

10-2: Village Ruins

Reward: Ogre Bloodrager (Rare)

10-3: Blood-washed Wilderness

Reward: Zombie Captain (Epic)

10-4: City Gates

Reward: Zombie Sentinel (Rare)

10-5: City Bazaar

Reward: Vampire (Rare)

10-6: Cloudless Sanctuary

Reward: Icy Gale Ghost (Epic)

10-7: Academy

Reward: Lance Knight (Rare)

10-8: Wing Swept Academy

Reward: Wind Shelter Wall (Rare)

10-9: Ayer's Square

Reward: Templar (Epic)

10-10: Imperial Furnaces

Reward: Cerberus (Rare)

10-11: Wailing Wind Courtyard

Reward: Squire (Rare)

10-12: Shrine of Emrys

Reward: Prince Serka (Legendary)