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Magical Necklaces provide a variety of useful functions for the intrepid Hero:
A mana-store for a Wizard or protective charms for a Priest, a token of favour from a rescued Damsel (usually worn by Warriors), or just a nice Necklace (Rangers ARE a fashionable lot).

Equipment Name Rank Buff Type Buff Value
Pendant of Life Rare Vitality +2
Pendant of Life Epic Vitality +3
Pendant of Life Legendary Vitality +4
Pendant of Bravery Godlike Vitality +5
Pendant of Bravery Rare Valour +2
Pendant of Bravery Epic Valour +3
Pendant of Bravery Legendary Valour +4
Pendant of Bravery Godlike Valour +5
Pendant of Perserverance Rare Fortitude +2
Pendant of Perserverance Epic Fortitude +3
Pendant of Perserverance Legendary Fortitude +4
Pendant of Perserverance Godlike Fortitude +5
Pendant of Wisdom Rare Expertise +2
Pendant of Wisdom Epic Expertise +3
Pendant of Wisdom Legendary Expertise +4
Pendant of Wisdom Godlike Expertise +5